Anton Shirikov

PhD Candidate

University of Wisconsin-Madison

I am a PhD Candidate in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I study media, political communication, misinformation and propaganda. In my dissertation, I use experiments and survey data to examine when biased media are found more credible and who is more sensitive to political bias in the news. In my other work, I study the legacies of communism and contemporary political institutions in the former Soviet Union.

I am fascinated by the modern tools of computational social science, including digital data collection, automated text analysis, machine learning, and network analysis.

Before graduate school, I have worked as a journalist and an editor in Russian independent media, covering politics and technology. That experience continues to inform my academic interests.



Working Papers

  • “Who Trusts State-Run Media? Source Cues, Bias, and Credibility in Non-Democracies.”
  • “Legacy of Communism and Trust in Media.”
  • “Is Trust in Media Decreasing? Evidence from the World Values Survey.”
  • “A Model of Censorship and Propaganda.” With Scott Gehlbach and Dmitriy Vorobyev.
  • “Preventing Predation: Oligarchs, Obfuscation, and Political Connections." With John Earle, Scott Gehlbach and Solomiya Shpak.
  • “Smart Ways to Use a Postcommunist Dummy.” With Dmitrii Kofanov and Yoshiko M. Herrera.
  • “Legislatures and Executive Recruitment in Autocracies: Does Parliamentary Behavior Matter?”